Bolsonaro as President: address to the Brazilian people on October 28 after his election

President Elect Jair Bolsonaro being interviewd after the results

After the results of the elections this Sunday, elected President Jair Bolsonaro (Social Liberal Party, PSL) addressed the Brazilian people on television. In his government, he will seek to reduce the Federal government’s structure and simplify bureaucracy, as well as to eliminate waste in public spending and political privileges. He will aim at stopping the growth of debt and make public deficit and interest rates drop. 

He also affirmed in his speech that he will free the Ministry of Foreign Relations from ideological bias it was subjected to under the Workers’ Party (PT) and reinvigorate Brazil’s close relations with developed countries. Bolsonaro will look to strengthen bilateral relations with countries that can add economic and technological value to Brazilian products. His intention is for Brazil to regain his international prestige. 

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President Elect Jair Bolsonaro being interviewd after the results

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